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Significa tener la oportunidad de crear software utilizando lo más nuevo en desarrollo, siendo dirigido por expertos en programación y de esa forma potenciar mejor tus talentos y habilidades.

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ASP.NET Developer

5+ years of experience.

  • Experience with ASP.NET (MVC)
  • Experience with C#
  • Experience with JavaScript
  • Knowledge/Experience with JavaScript frameworks like JQuery
  • Knowledge/Experience with CSS frameworks like Bootstrap
  • Experience with MS SQL Server, T-SQL
  • Knowledge of Team Foundation Server
  • Proactive and self-guided that can work with remote teams
  • English level above 80%

QA Software Engineer

  1. Work in an Agile Scrum OR waterfall environment to support quality engineering activities
  2. Work with architects and developers to create test plans for new functionality.
  3. Create and execute automation testing for new functionality.
  4. Influence quality engineering best practices within a Scrum or waterfall project
Basic Qualifications
  • BS Degree in Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent experience.
  • Experience with all aspects of software test, including test planning.
  • Experience testing web applications and web services
  • Experience with building test automation frameworks and code coverage tools
  • Experience with SQL and database schema designs.
  • Experience using source control (esp. Git) and bug tracking systems
  • Familiar with setting up of test environment for verify and validation activities.
  • Strong collaboration skills and experience in troubleshooting issues with different teams to drive towards root cause identification and resolution.
  • Excellent documentation and communication skills
Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience with build automation and continuous integration tools (Jenkins, Maven, Chef or Puppet).
  • A drive and passion for quality with the ability to inspire and motivate other team members.
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills in English and Spanish, and are able to work with others at all levels.
  • You’re effective at working with geographically remote and culturally diverse teams.

WordPress / Full Stack Junior Developer
Code/tech specs:
  • HTML/CSS: Solid understanding of CSS properties, selectors, and manipulating HTML elements. Experience between 1 – 2 years.
  • JavaScript: Basic understanding of what JS is and how it can interact with HTML/CSS. Basic comprehension of what an AJAX call is and does. Basic knowledge of jQuery and usage of main functions to trigger Ajax calls and DOM manipulation functions. Experience between 1 – 2 years.
  • PHP: Enough comprehension of syntax and structure to be able to use common WordPress template functions, focused on the loop. Experience between 1 – 2 years.
  • SQL: Understand the concept of MySQL, basic understanding of PHPMyAdmin, the WordPress database structure. Experience between 1 – 2 years.
  • Git: Basic push/pull to branches. Minimal or non-experience required.
  • Code validity: Must be able to write and self-validate syntax for all languages and markups, be able to follow WordPress coding standards.
  • Responsive: Familiar with responsive site development and media queries. Experience 1 year.
  • Cross-platform and cross-browser: Able to perform browser testing including mobile. Experience 1 year.
  • Server config: Basic creation of a WordPress install on WordPress Engine or cPanel.
  • Development environment: Able to use once set up – local server, FTP, text editor, command line.
  • PhotoShop/Illustrator: Able to extract images and measurements from PSDs.
WordPress specs:
  • API/codex knowledge: Knowledge but requires frequent reference to codex.
  • Shortcodes: Able to create a simple shortcode.
  • Templating: Able to modify existing templates or overwrite templates in a child theme.
  • Themes: Able to edit an existing theme, create a simple child theme to implement designs as provided and implement basic functionality. Confident with basic use of loops and retrieving, displaying custom post meta and other core post fields.
  • Plugins: Recognition of, and basic configuration of standard plugins. Can produce a very basic plugin.
  • Coding standards: Should be largely compliant with WordPress coding standards, be able to write valid code/markup.
  • Security: Makes use of hosting tools, understands key vulnerabilities of WordPress and general principles.
  • SEO: Understands principles. (optional but desired skill)
Personal Skills
  • Up to date with trends.
  • Positive attitude
  • Collaborative
  • Able to complete tasks set by project manager to time and quality.
  • English (read 90%)

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