About ArteDigital

We are a company with 20+ years of experience specializing in software development providing cost effective services and long-term support for ongoing efforts while maintaining distinguished standards of quality and increased time to market results.

Our goal is to provide a superior alternative to overseas outsourcing

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We require a Master Service Agreement to be signed at the beginning of a commitment. In many cases we review and sign contractual agreements presented to us by our clients.

Yes, we regularly travel to our partner’s location upon request.

We work on a different US Time Zones. Our business schedule is Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

We have teams working from our Tijuana facility, other developers are working remotely from different cities within Mexico and we also have developers working directly at our partner’s facilities.

Partners set the development requirements and we team up, maintaining a high degree of collaboration during the development process.

Most communications are carried out using common methods and remote collaboration tools. We provide toll free lines, Video conferencing and other tools as needed.

Direction of our Developers is provided by either our partners Managers or our own depending on partner’s preference.

All our developers possess our minimum requirement of at least a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering that requires 5 years of university study. We also employ developers possessing Masters Degrees in related fields.

Our partners always own the rights to their products regardless of the development stage. Furthermore, upon completion our partners are furnished with all source code, source files and documentation used in the design and development of their projects.

We are the only firm that provides our partners with a full risk free satisfaction guarantee.

To commence development we require a fully refundable retainer which is not to be construed as, but can be applied to payment of services. In this manner partners essentially pay nothing until full satisfaction of work. Remote Staffing work is billed on a 4 week cycle or as otherwise agreed upon.

Privacy is a standard in our field of work. We sign Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure agreements set forth by our partners to protect their interests, property and trade secrets.


To create long-standing relationships with our partners by providing exceptional quality in precise and technologically advanced solutions that allow for maximum optimization and continued evolution of their products and operations.


To stretch our reaches by becoming a principal resource for our partners through confidence and total satisfaction of our services.










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