Case Study

Through the following case study you can see what ArteDigital can do for your business.

The Client

Axia Home Loans (AHL) is dedicated to fostering sustainable homeownership through responsible lending in communities.

AHL actively pursue improvements in internal processes, technology, and efficiency by developing internal systems that align with these objectives.

The Challenge

AHL already boasts a diverse array of third-party systems that effectively address the company’s various requirements. However, there are instances when these systems encounter challenges in seamless communication and data integration, hindering a comprehensive understanding and panoramic view of the business and internal processes.

Strong Alliance: AHL + ArteDigital

Axia Home Loans has forged a valuable strategic alliance with ArteDigital, a steadfast partner committed to delivering efficient solutions through the development of diverse applications, with a predominant focus on Microsoft Technologies. Rooted in our core philosophy, we center our approach on offering consulting services that align with current and future requirements of our clients.


With a robust portfolio, boasting more than 30 applications integrating all third-party systems with internal processes, here are some notable examples of the web applications we’ve crafted and expanded during our collaborative journey with Axia:

  • Operations (MVC Web App): Streamlining operational personnel management, this Web App is designed to enhance efficiency in daily tasks.
  • TPO Rate Sheet (Web Blazor App): it focuses on processing real estate rate sheets, contributing to seamless and accurate financial operations.
  • Jira Stories App (Angular App): Tailored for tracking Jira Epics and Stories, this App is crafted to be showcased on airport-style screens, providing a visually intuitive experience.
  • Ideas in Motion (MVC Web App):Designed in a suggestion box style, this Web App encourages and facilitates the submission of ideas and improvements, fostering a collaborative environment.

In addition to these Web Applications, we have undertaken diverse development projects, including console applications:

  • ETL Console App: Extracting data from an external provider and seamlessly storing it in the client’s master database, ensuring a smooth flow of information.
  • Third-Party Plugins (.Net Framework): Our expertise extends to various integrations within the .Net Framework, ranging from simple automations to intricate tracking and change history functionalities.


At the heart of our operations there’s a dedication to quality. We meticulously oversee and monitor the evolution of each project, ensuring precision and excellence at every stage.


“We have developed a terrific partnership with ArteDigital and their dedication to our development needs is evident in all of the products that have been delivered to Axia. We appreciate their attention to detail and creativity in bringing new products to life.”


Paul Norris

Director of Software Development

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