Case Study

Axia Home Loans (AHL) is dedicated to fostering sustainable homeownership through responsible lending in communities.

AHL actively pursue improvements in internal processes, technology, and efficiency by developing internal systems that align with these objectives.

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The Challenge

AHL boasts a diverse array of third-party systems that effectively address the company’s various requirements. However, there are instances when these systems encounter challenges in seamless communication and data integration, hindering a comprehensive understanding and panoramic view of the business and internal processes.

Strong Alliance

Axia Home Loans has forged a valuable strategic alliance with Creative Software, a steadfast partner committed to delivering efficient solutions through the development of diverse applications, with a predominant focus on Microsoft Technologies. Rooted in our core philosophy, we center our approach on offering consulting services that align with current and future requirements of our clients.


Effective integrations play a pivotal role in the successful delivery of reliable solutions. In response to our client’s requirement for a streamlined method to oversee users within a third-party application dedicated to loan management, we devised an Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) system to seamlessly transfer user and loan data to a local database.

By implementing this ETL system, we achieved a twofold objective. Firstly, it enabled us to extract pertinent information from the third-party application efficiently. Subsequently, the transformed data was loaded into a local database, laying a robust foundation for the development of an innovative application designed to enhance user management capabilities.

This strategic approach not only facilitated the consolidation of user and loan data but also paved the way for the creation of an advanced application. The new app, now in development, promises to significantly augment the overall user experience and streamline the management of loans. Through this integrated solution, we aim to provide our client with a powerful tool that not only meets their immediate needs but also sets the stage for future enhancements and expansions.

“We have developed a terrific partnership with Creative Software, their dedication to our development needs is evident in all of the products that have been delivered to Axia. We appreciate their attention to detail and creativity in bringing new products to life.”

Paul Norris

Director of Software Development

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